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Unicharm Australasia brings global technology across all categories for the comfort and satisfaction of Australian and New Zealand customers and consumers. We use vast consumer and market experience to design and tailor products specifically for our region, not only to the highest quality standards but also factoring in the highest standards possible for ethically sourced production and sustainable operations. Addressing global environmental issues is becoming extremely pressing and companies are playing an increasingly important role in reducing the burden on the environment and making a sustainable society a reality. Unicharm recognises that safeguarding the well-being of our global environment is one of the company’s most important issues. At Unicharm, we are committed to helping solve environmental and social issues as we work together to realize a cohesive society. With that in mind, we have put forward Unicharm Group’s mid-to-long term environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) goals in a document called “Kyo-sei Life Vision 2030 ― For a Diverse, Inclusive, and Sustainable World.” In this declaration, we bring our vision for 2030 into sharper focus, explicating the key initiatives and targets that we believe will help us achieve our goals. Through the implementation of “Kyo-sei Life Vision 2030,” we are confident that we can satisfy the needs of consumers and communities, while continuing to grow our business.

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Unicharm Australasia Sustainability Actions


Promoting the recycling of disposable diapers

With the advent of a super-aged society, production of disposable incontinent adult diaper continues to increase and it accounts for around 1/8th of total household waste by volume. In addition, disposable diapers are made from paper pulp which uses wood as its raw material and rising pulp usage leads to the increased consumption of forest resources. We consider efforts to reduce waste incineration costs and CO2 emissions and make effective use of resources the “responsibility of disposable diaper manufacturers,” therefore we began efforts to recycle used disposable diapers in 2015 and are working on technology development and demonstration experiments. Initiatives aimed at promoting the recycling of disposable diapers include: - Contributing to SDGs - Creating our own unique recycling system for used disposable diapers (Japan) - Verifying environmental effects and hygienic safety - Collaboration with self-governing bodies - Formulation of “Guidelines for the Reuse of Used Disposable Diapers” (Ministry of the Environment)


Reducing the amount of plastic use

The quantity of “plastic waste in the oceans” has been increasing steadily and, because this type of waste takes a long time to decompose, it is forecast that, by 2050, the combined weight of all the plastic waste in the sea will exceed the combined weight of all the fish living in the oceans. As a manufacturer that uses plastic in its packaging materials, Unicharm feels that it has a responsibility in this regard. With the aim of helping to address the global problem of plastic waste in the oceans, Unicharm supports the “Plastics Smart” campaign organized by the Ministry of the Environment which is being implemented in collaboration with organizations in many different sectors, and is working to reduce plastic usage at every stage of product development from R&D onwards. Initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of plastic use include: - Contributing to SDGs - Adopting environmentally-friendly packaging (Japan)


Introducing renewable power

With the effects of climate change increasing year after year, Unicharm recognizes that reducing carbon dioxide is a priority. Therefore, to contribute to achieving the 2℃ scenario outlined in the Paris Agreement, in June 2018, we received certification for our CO2 reduction plans up to 2045 under the Science-Based Targets(SBT) initiative. In addition, in our “Kyo-sei Life Vision 2030” revealed in October 2020, we set the goal of “using 100% renewable electricity for all of our business operations by 2030.

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Unicharm Australasia Sustainability Commitments


Unicharm Australasia - Joins APCO

Unicharm Australasia has become a member of The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), to contribute to the development of Australia's circular economy for packaging.


Unicharm Australasia - Release of Modern Slavery Statement

Unicharm Australasia has released the Modern Slavery Statement to show our global committed to Ethical Sourcing across our total supply chain.


Unicharm Australasia - Installment of Solar Panels

Unicharm Australasia will have Solar Panels installed in March 2022. 222 panels for a 99kw system, accounting for 30% of our total usage.

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