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Unicharm Australasia Sustainability Commitments


Unicharm Australasia - Joins APCO

Unicharm Australasia has become a member of The Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), to contribute to the development of Australia's circular economy for packaging.


Unicharm Australasia - Release of Modern Slavery Statement

Unicharm Australasia has released the Modern Slavery Statement to show our global committed to Ethical Sourcing across our total supply chain.


Unicharm Australasia - Installment of Solar Panels

Unicharm Australasia will have Solar Panels installed in March 2022. 222 panels for a 99kw system, accounting for 30% of our total usage.


Development of eco-friendly products

Increase the number of products and services that implement "3Rs + 2Rs" based on Unicharm's unique approach.


Use of 100% renewable energy for business operations

Unicharm's target to use 100% renewable energy for its business operations by 2030 aligns with its key initiative of addressing climate change.


Introduction of disposable nappy recycling factories

Unicharm's 2030 target is to introduce 10 or more disposable nappy recycling factories.


Use of recycled non-woven products

By 2030 Unicharm will start recycled non-woven products using recycled resources.


Reduction of amount of plastic materials used

By 2030, Unicharm's target is to reduce by half (compared to 2020) its percentage of virgin plastics to total plastics.

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