Ultimates Cat Food

Ultimates Indulge Responsibly Fished Tuna & Barramundi 85g

What makes Ultimates Cat Food Responsible?

Ultimates Indulge Responsibly Fished

Ultimates Indulge Uses Responsibly Fished tuna in our pet food cans. The tuna is caught using FAD free fishing methods, which reduces by- catch and protects the biomass of tuna species.

Ultimates Responsibly Fished Cat Food Tuna & Barramundi

Ultimates Indulge natural meat grain free cat food using quality tuna caught without the use of destructive Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs), which are a major cause of overfishing and a deadly threat to marine life. Can is 100% recyclable. Carton and tray are also 100% recyclable.