Jinzo Black Knit Women’s Sneaker

Our very first vegan sneaker - meet the ‘Jinzo’ kicks. Loaded with hidden sustainable features your feet (and our planet!) will love. Fitted with our new plant-derived footbed, featuring the same cloud-like comfort you know, crafted from plants with a minimum 72% bio content. - Bared's unique removable biomechanical, plant derived footbed, the crazy comfy bed of goodness your feet will love you for. - Customised fit with plant-derived Fit Kit included. - Recycled cotton laces. - Water resistant knitted upper (EN ISO 20344 approved). - ISO/EN slip-resistant sole & SATRA TM144 approved. - 100% recycled plastic bottles (rPET) knit upper. - 40% sugarcane outsole. - 1natural rubber grip. - Rigid heel counter crafted to support your rear foot. Crafted from 100% recycled plastic bottles (rPET). - Knitted upper, natural rubber and sugarcane sole, bamboo mix lining, cork/biowaste footbed. - Can accommodate an orthotic.

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What makes Jinzo Black Knit Women’s Sneaker Responsible?

Crafted with a sugarcane outsole & natural rubber sole.

This outsole is made from (seriously sustainable!) sugarcane. Sourced from Brazil, this fully renewable resource grows quickly, relies on rainwater to thrive (not irrigation) and removes carbon from the atmosphere in the process. The sole is crafted from natural rubber, which is sourced from the 'Hevea tree'.

Our first 100% vegan sneaker!

No added nasties. No nonsense.

Crafted from 72% plant-based bio waste, our famous footbed just got better!

New look, same support. Plant-based with a minimum 72% bio content, we’ve transformed our famous footbed for the better.

How To Dispose of Jinzo Black Knit Women’s Sneaker

  • Home compostable

    Plant-based Footbed

    Crafted from 72% bio-based FATES™ foam, derived from plant-based oils. It creates three to six times less Co2 emissions than our standard footbeds. You can pop it in your compost, too! On average, 50% of your footbed will biodegrade within 75 days, with no nasties entering your soil.
  • Return to Collection Point

    Shoe Recycling

    In partnership with Melbourne-based company, Save Our Soles, we transform pre-loved shoes into rubber mats for gym and playground flooring. Drop off your old shoes (Bared or not!) at any one of our stores, alternatively, post them to our warehouse.
  • Worm food

    Compostable Satchels

    Our postage bags are compostable. Made from sustainable plants and non-toxic resin, these satchels will decompose when exposed to enough moisture along with anything inside them.
  • General Recycle

    Shoe Boxes

    All our shoeboxes double as bags! Crafted from FSC certified 100% recycled materials, they're perfect for storage (Marie Kondo style) and keeping your shoes in as-new condition.
  • Reuse

    Hemp Bags

    Every shoe is individually packed in their own reusable drawstring bag. Crafted from 100% hemp, an all-natural, biodegradable fibre that uses 50% less water to produce than cotton, and creates 200-250% more fibre in the same volume of land.
  • Landfill compostable

    Eco Tape

    We're dedicated to reducing our plastic footprint, and strictly use landfill-biodegradable packing tape across the business.
  • Home compostable

    Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft Anti-Mould Paks

    Great for your shoes but even better for our planet, the Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft Anti Mould Paks are 100% natural, plastic-free and biodegradable.

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