Fermium Tan Leather Men’s Sneaker

Committed to being a part of the solution, we’re proud to announce our ‘Fermium’ sneakers feature sustainably sourced components. - This footbed is crafted from sugarcane! A fully renewable resource that grows quickly, relies on rainwater to thrive (not irrigation) and removes carbon from the atmosphere in the process. - Toe puff and heel counters are crafted from recycled plastic bottles. - Crafted with Vegetan leather, the most environmentally friendly way to tan leather. - As an official member of the Leather Working Group, our shoes are crafted using Gold Rated leather. - Biodegradable lining: metal-free, no harsh chemicals and compostable. - Soles are crafted with a rice shell outsole mixed with natural rubber. - Constructed with water-based glues, the most natural, environmentally friendly glue on the market. - Packaged in individual, reusable 100% hemp bags. - All our shoe boxes are crafted from FSC certified 100% recycled materials.

Bared Footwear Fermium Tan

What makes Fermium Tan Leather Men’s Sneaker Responsible?

Crafted with sugarcane! The footbeds in our 'Fermium' sneakers are a fully renewable resource. Relying on rainwater to thrive (not irrigation) and removes carbon from the atmosphere in the process.

How To Dispose of Fermium Tan Leather Men’s Sneaker

  • Return to Collection Point

    Shoe Recycling

    In partnership with Melbourne-based company, Save Our Soles, we transform pre-loved shoes into rubber mats for gym and playground flooring. Drop off your old shoes (Bared or not!) at any one of our stores, alternatively, post them to our warehouse.
  • Worm food

    Compostable Satchels

    Our postage bags are compostable. Made from sustainable plants and non-toxic resin, these satchels will decompose when exposed to enough moisture along with anything inside them.
  • General Recycle

    Shoe Boxes

    All our shoeboxes double as bags! Crafted from FSC certified 100% recycled materials, they're perfect for storage (Marie Kondo style) and keeping your shoes in as-new condition.
  • Reuse

    Hemp Bags

    Every shoe is individually packed in their own reusable drawstring bag. Crafted from 100% hemp, an all-natural, biodegradable fibre that uses 50% less water to produce than cotton, and creates 200-250% more fibre in the same volume of land.
  • Landfill compostable

    Eco Tape

    We're dedicated to reducing our plastic footprint, and strictly use landfill-biodegradable packing tape across the business.
  • Home compostable

    Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft Anti-Mould Paks

    Great for your shoes but even better for our planet, the Micro-Pak Dri Clay® Kraft Anti Mould Paks are 100% natural, plastic-free and biodegradable.

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