Vegan Gloves l Crystal

When once it was real leather gloves that evoked chic and style - now there's what we describe as lether™ gloves by James&Co for chic and style. Classic styles gloves that add warmth and designer fashion without compromising dexterity. CRYSTAL VEGAN CLASSIC WOMEN'S GLOVES Crystal gloves are simple classic chic gloves. Tailored in sustainable vegan leather with single top stitch detail and a small stud affixed on either side of the top stitch. Outer Fabric: eco lether ™ or cactus leaf lether™ Packaging: biodegradable sustainable non-woven bag. You can keep your quality gloves together and they won't get dirty or damaged when you're not wearing them.

Vegan gloves

What makes Vegan Gloves l Crystal Responsible?

100% vegan lether™

They are 100% vegan as the the outer leather look fabric cruelty-free synthetic leather look fabric and all linings are cruelty-free fabrics. The outer leather look fabric is more sustainable and partially biodegradable. We call it lether™ because 'no a = no animal' and it complies with legislation of countries than ban the use of the word 'leather' in conjunction with a textile that is not derived from animals. The gloves are touch screen compatible in the era of covid, gloves provide the great benefit of less spreading of germs. They-re doubly sustainable because they never go out of style.

How To Dispose of Vegan Gloves l Crystal

  • Repurpose

    Vegan Gloves l Crystal end of life

    We've partnered with AirRobe so when you've worn and loved your Vegan Gloves l Crystal, you can re-sell it on AirRobe to be loved by another person.

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