Waterfall Blazer l Catherine

Catherine is a stylish waterfall jacket in eco vegan leather - the textile we describe as lether™. OUTER FABRIC: tailored in eco leather. Can also be tailored in other more sustainable fabrics - cactus lether™, VEGEA, Pinatex pineapple lether™ INNER LINING: recycled polyester. FEATURES: open front, waterfall lapels, simple styling. COLOURS: can be tailored in colours from range of sustainable fabrics colours. PACKAGING: biodegradable sustainable non-woven bag. Not toxic plastic. Cover the coat on a hanger by inserting a hole in the bottom of the bag. Will also suit a myriad of storage usages.

Off white blazer

What makes Waterfall Blazer l Catherine Responsible?

Made with eco lether™ and recycled polyester

How To Dispose of Waterfall Blazer l Catherine

  • Repurpose

    Waterfall Blazer l Catherine end of life

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