Spirit Animals T-shirt

100% cotton Features 8 Spirit Animals, a Cat, a Bear, 2 Whales, a Butterfly, a Rabbit, an Owl, and an Eagle. Wear this Tee when you want to feel these vibes! Cat represents intelligence, independence and agility. Bear represents strength, tenacity and protection. Whale represents Peaceful strength, physical and emotional healing and communication. Butterfly represents renewal, rebirth and playfulness. Rabbit represents creativity, abundance and fertility. Owl represents wisdom, independent thinking and intuition. Eagle represents inspiration, courage and leadership.


What makes Spirit Animals T-shirt Responsible?

Solar Power

we use green energy, solar power, to run our business.

Compostable Packaging

We use compostable mailers, labels, garment bags and eco tape which are great for making nutrient rich compost for your garden

How To Dispose of Spirit Animals T-shirt

If the tshirt is in good condition you can donate to a charity or gift to a friend. if its too worn repurpose it as a cleaning cloth/duster or use as weed matting on your garden, put mulch on top to stabilise.

  • Repurpose

    Used / worn t-shirt

  • Donate

    Used t-shirt