BabyLove Cosifit™

BabyLove Cosifit Nappies softly conform to baby's body, reducing leakage while preventing red marks on your baby's delicate skin, thanks to Australian- first patented technology. The soft, breathable cover is gentle on baby's skin, while the DriWave layer absorbs instantly, actively drawing liquid from the nappy's surface to help preserve dryness. With superior absorbency that is perfect for day and night use, Cosifit nappies are carefully designed to ensure up to 12 hours of absorption and incredible leakage protection Sizes 1, 2 and 3 come with a convenient wetness indicator that indicates the time for a change.

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What makes BabyLove Cosifit™ Responsible?

Zero Landfill manufacturing

BabyLove Nappies is extremely proud of supporting our Thailand plant to achieve Zero landfill over the last 4 years.

100% recycled shipper cartons

Every BabyLove shipping carton out of our Thailand and Indonesian factories, will be made with 100% recycled cardboard.

Red Cycle

The soft plastic packaging has been certified with REDcycle and can be recycled at any REDcycle point Australia wide. Your nappy packaging could be transformed into anything from park benches to planter boxes! BabyLove have partnered with RedCycle for the last 4 years to encourage consumers to recycle their soft plastic waste responsibly. We are so proud to partner with RedCycle and are pleased to have helped contribute to their massive milestone of recycling and diverting over 1 billion pieces from landfill.

Australian Recycling Label (ARL)

BabyLove Nappies is celebrating 2 years with the ARL logo featuring on 100% of all retail and consumer packaging, providing our retailers and consumers with easy-to-understand recycling information to remove confusion and reduce waste.

No Added Nasties

No added formaldehyde, elemental chlorine, natural rubber latex or other chemicals restricted by Unicharm

PEFC Certified

The pulp and tissue used in Cosifit nappies are from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources. Every BabyLove nappy is made from renewable plantations where 2-3 saplings are planted after every tree is removed.

How To Dispose of BabyLove Cosifit™

  • Soft Plastics Recycle


    This packaging is recyclable through the REDcycle Program. To find your nearest drop off location, visit
  • General waste

    Used nappy

    If the nappy is full, empty the contents into the toilet – but don’t flush the nappy itself down or you'll need to call a plumber. Instead, roll the nappy into a bundle, waterproof backing facing outward, and dispose of it appropriately and considerately.