Hemp and Organic Cotton Robe

Eco Friendly Properties: Natural Product Pesticide Free Biodegradable and Recyclable Recycled Plastic straps Description: The Doggy Eco – Hemp and Organic Cotton Robe is an excellent year round robe for use as a drying robe, for sun protection, or a lightweight jacket. The stylish design features an adjustable strap to secure around the belly as well as two leg straps to ensure the robe won’t slip and cause unnecessary discomfort. Plus there is a leash attachment at the base of the neck so your Eco Robe can be used conveniently on outings with a collar and leash setup. The hemp and organic cotton textile is soft to touch to ensure a comfortable fit for all dogs. Hemp is the strongest natural textile material and can hold its shape with limited warp and stretch. The strength and flexibility of this material means a quality long lasting robe suitable for any size dog or level of activity. Hemp has natural UV protectant properties and will naturally block UV rays making this robe an excellent material for use outdoors. The natural UV properties plus the lightweight breathability of the Eco Robe makes it perfect for dogs with short hair and sensitive skin to be used year round for sun protection. Cotton has long been regarded for its water retention properties but did you know that hemp wicks water 5 times faster than cotton? This combinations of textiles makes the Eco Robe an excellent choice for use as a drying robe after any water adventure! Disposal: When your Eco Robe has outlived its use as a dog robe it can be disposed of as outlined below: Recycled Plastic Straps and Buckles - cut the straps off the robe and place them in the household recycling. Elastic Leg Straps - cut them off and discard them in the general waste. Robe Fabric - can be reused around the house as a cleaning rag or to fill you sustainable Crunch N Cuddle dog toy. The material can also be used in the garden as compost. Quick Facts: Made From: Hemp and Organic Cotton Made In: China Size: Extra Small – Extra Large Colours: Grey and Green