Air Freshener Combo (250ML)

A wondrously fragranced (and planet-friendly) air freshener that will leave you with the sweet sweet smell of saving the planet! This plant-based air freshener covers up any stinky stench without any nasty ingredients. It comes in a reusable refill pouch that you send back to us (in our reply paid satchel) so we can clean it, refill it and reuse it. Nice work winning the war on waste at your place! Includes: 1 x 250ml reusable refill pouch + 250ml dispenser made from Ocean, Beach & Landfill plastic (OBL) Fragrance: Earl Grey & Cucumber


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What makes Air Freshener Combo (250ML) Responsible?

None of These

Some air fresheners that you buy from the supermarket contain harmful chemicals that aren’t great for you, your family or the planet. Here’s some stuff you won’t find in our plant-based formula: No single-use plastic (SUP) No Acetone No phthalate No Benzene

The Good Stuff Inside

Here's what makes our planet-friendly air freshener so super dooper: Water Fragrance (with essential oils of thyme and nutmeg) Alcohol (made from sugar cane) Solubiliser (to disperse the fragrance)

How To Dispose of Air Freshener Combo (250ML)

  • Reuse

    Reusable Dispenser

    Simply empty the contents of the refill pouches into the dispensers.
  • Reuse

    Refill Pouch

    Pop the empty pouches into the reply-paid satchel and send it back to us so we can clean, refill and reuse the pouches.

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