Dishwasher Tablets

These amazingly great dishwasher tablets are biodegradable and leave you with a dishwashing machine full of ridiculously clean dishes without hurting the fishes. Our plant & mineral based formula is phosphate free and grey water safe. Each tablet is lovingly & individually wrapped in a dissolvable wrapper and arrive at yours in a recyclable cardboard box (made from 100% recycled material and printed with vegetable dyes). Nice work winning the war on waste at your place!


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What makes Dishwasher Tablets Responsible?

None of These

Most dishwasher tablets that you buy from the supermarket contain harmful chemicals that aren’t great for you, your family or the planet. Here’s some stuff you won’t find in our plant-based formula: - No phosphates - No fragrance - No synthetic dyes

680 Less in Your Life

The average 4-person Aussie household goes through 8 x 1kg SUP (single use plastic) bottles of dishwasher powder every single year. That's 690 in a lifetime. But not for you...because you're a freaking hero who's chosen to go zero!

The Good Stuff Inside

Here's what makes our planet-friendly dishwasher tablets so super dooper: - Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) - Trisodium Citrate Dihydrate (made from salt and citric acid) - Amylase, alpha (an enzyme that loves to break down starch)

How To Dispose of Dishwasher Tablets

  • General Recycle

    100% recycled cardboard

    We’re made from 100% recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable dyes.

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