98″ QLED 8K Signage QP98R

Samsung QLED 8K Signage provides a truly remarkable solution for businesses looking to display impactful content like never before. Superior picture quality supported by AI upscaling technology creates true-to-life images, introducing a revolutionary viewing experience. QLED 8K uses next-gen AI which is capable of upscaling images from a lower resolution to brilliant 8K, delivering clearer pictures and a memorable viewing experience. Samsung QLED 8K’s minimal design aesthetically enhances any customer environment, making it at one with its surroundings. Its slim, simple bezel design allows the display to be mounted flush to the wall, ensuring installation is seamless and helping you to design your space any way you desire.


What makes 98″ QLED 8K Signage QP98R Sustainable?

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How To Dispose of 98″ QLED 8K Signage QP98R

Whether it’s The Frame, The Sero or The Serif, your Samsung box is designed to be upcycled into totally awesome household items. Select from a whole host of items; a storage shelf, a cat house and a TV console. Just follow the instructions!

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    Upcycling is creative reuse of the eco-package.