100% Recycled Toilet Paper – 24 Double Length Rolls

Our eco-friendliest rolls, soft and scrunchable Double length rolls; 400 sheets Super comfy 3 ply 100% recycled paper (no virgin trees used!) Biodegradable and plays well with most septic tanks Carbon neutral shipping


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What makes 100% Recycled Toilet Paper – 24 Double Length Rolls Responsible?




Our toilet paper might feel a bit different since, well, it is a bit different. Most mainstream, blanket-like toilet paper comes from destroying virgin trees — and we won’t stand for that. Instead, we’ll sit down to enjoy all the good we’re doing just by using the loo. Our recycled toilet tissue is made from 100% recycled paper. This includes post-consumer waste paper (things like textbooks, workbooks, office paper, etc) and a small percentage (around 5%) of post-industrial paper. This means offcuts from nearby paper factories which our partners buy and re-purpose to make tissue paper. By using recycled paper, we're reducing our CO₂ and particulate matter emissions, as well as saving water. We also pulp the clean fibres at super high temperatures, ensuring the paper is biodegradable, safe in septic tanks, and as strong as it is soft. We don’t test on animals, only on the finest human bottoms.



We want to ensure everyone has access to a toilet and basic sanitation. That’s why 50% of profits from all of our products go directly to our charity partners who work in water, hygiene and sanitation. You’re helping millions of people gain access to clean water just by using the loo. Nice!



Since 2020, all of our shipping (from the factory all the way to you) has been completely carbon neutral.

How To Dispose of 100% Recycled Toilet Paper – 24 Double Length Rolls

Our paper is great for alternative toilets, including composting, and sensitive systems like septic tanks! Our products have been tested for disintegration and “flushability”, and shouldn’t cause any adverse effects from normal use (don’t stick a whole roll down at once). If you have a particularly sensitive septic system, we’d suggest asking your manufacturer whether any restrictions apply. For example, we know that some play nicer with 2-ply than with 3-ply, but this varies between systems. If you're looking for the toilet roll that will break down the quickest, that'll be our recycled - which breaks down under 10 seconds (that's also the same for RV dispersion standards!).

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