Meaty Vegan® Plant-Based Party Pack

You've got to bite.....for your paaaaaaaarty! Don't just settle for raw veg and hummus at your next meat-free meet up, get the oven on, pick a party pack out of the freezer and get the party started. This big pack comes with 18 delicious party-sized savouries - 6 Meatless Party Pies, 6 Plant-Based Sausage Rolls and 6 Plant-Based Pasties.

What makes Meaty Vegan® Plant-Based Party Pack Responsible?

Vegan Friendly

You don't need meat to be meaty. Our Meaty Vegan® party pies, sausage rolls and pasties contain no animal ingredients in their fillings or pastry. If our awesome meaty chickpea mince was any less processed it would still be hanging out on the farm! So what is it you ask? We use Australian wheat gluten, Aussie chickpea flour & our secret herbs and spices to make scrumptious meaty chickpea mince knows as Seitan. Seitan contains roughly the same amount of protein as animal meat and is a good source of several minerals. It’s also low in carbohydrates & fats. In short: it’s nutritious, delicious and one of our favourite dishes!

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