The Only Straw

The Only Straw is a 100% degradable, home compostable and zero waste drinking straw. Gluten free and vegan friendly makes them perfect for everyone. Being marine life, wildlife and bird friendly makes them fine for any situation and the breakdown period is less than 90 days and leaves no footprint. "Straws that last in your drink and not in the environment"

What makes The Only Straw Responsible?

Jumbo Straws

Our jumbo straws 12mm x 200mm are perfect for the big chunky drinks and boba teas. We are completely home compostable and marine life friendly.

Large smoothie straws

Our large smoothies 8mm x 200mm are great for juices, shakes and your favourite frappes. We are completely home compostable and marine life friendly.

Regular straws

Our regular straws are 6.5mm x 200mm and come in many different colours. Our straws breakdown in any environment to zero waste.

Cocktail Straws

Our Cocktail straws 6.5mm x 140mm are perfect for all occasions when you want your drink to look its best. Drop us in a green bin or a red one it does'nt matter as our straws will not harm.

How To Dispose of The Only Straw

Being completely natural, The Only Straw is completely zero waste and will breakdown within 90 days to nothing. There are no plastics in our straws and they can be put even into general waste although our preferred way is to put them into a green bin, your home compost or worm farm for best results.