Home Cleaning Starter Pack

This super-dooper plastic-busting box contains Zero Co's 8 essential home cleaning products along with matching forever bottles made from our ocean, beach & landfill plastic (OBL). A 2-3mth supply of do-goodies for the average 4-person household, delivered carbon negative direct to your door minus all the single use plastic. Nice work winning the war on waste at your place! Includes: Multi-Purpose Cleaner (1L) Dishwashing Liquid (1L) Bathroom 
& Shower Cleaner (500mL) Laundry Liquid (4L) Air Freshener (250mL) Toilet Cleaner (500mL) Stain Remover (500mL) Dishwasher Tablets (50pk)


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What makes Home Cleaning Starter Pack Responsible?

Plant Based Formulas

Made with no nasties Septic and grey water safe Phthalate free Palm oil free (excluding Dishwasher Tab)

Single-Use Plastic Free

Zero Co's Forever Bottles and Refill Pouches are single-use plastic free and zero waste

Refillable Forever Bottles

Made from Ocean Beach and Landfill plastic sourced at cleanups which are funded by Zero Co around Australia.

How To Dispose of Home Cleaning Starter Pack

  • Reuse

    Reusable Dispenser

    Simply empty the contents of the refill pouches into the dispensers.
  • Reuse

    Refill Pouch

    Pop the empty pouches into the reply-paid satchel and send it back to us so we can clean, refill and reuse the pouches.

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