Ecosa Bamboo Bedding

Hypoallergenic, Antibacterial and made using eco-conscious processes. Our organic bamboo bed sheets feel good and do good. Quilt cover, fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcases available in a variety of colours.

What makes Ecosa Bamboo Bedding Responsible?

Organic Bamboo

Our 100% organic bamboo bedding range is manufactured and dyed using responsible processes that reduce energy consumption. By using cooler water - and less of it - we minimise our impact on the planet while bringing you silky soft sheets that last for years to come.

How To Dispose of Ecosa Bamboo Bedding

Here at Ecosa, we wanted to give you an easy and accessible way to recycle your old and unwanted mattresses and bed sheets, rather than letting them be sent to landfills. So we created Ecosa’s Recycling Program. Learn more at

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    Old or Unwanted Mattress

    We have partnered with companies that will collect your old mattress from the front of your house, so you don’t need to hire a vehicle to transport your old and heavy mattress. After your mattress is collected, it is inspected in a local warehouse. Any mattress in good condition is sent to a charity, whilst the rest are taken apart, and the individual components are recycled.
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    Old or Unwanted Bedsheets

    Simply place your bedding into a box, generate an AusPost label through Ecosa and take your sheets-filled box to your nearest Australia Post office, where it will then be delivered to our textile recycling partner.

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