Our ultra-popular Solar+ plan is now available in NSW The perfect plan for solar households who deserve MORE.

What makes SolarPlus Responsible?

Enabling you enjoy the benefits of solar

Solar energy is a perfect example of a renewable energy source. It is powered by the heat and light of the sun, a resource that will never run out. Our ultra-popular SolarPlus plan is now available in NSW. The perfect plan for solar households who deserve MORE. You're looking after the planet - let us look after you. Enjoy 20c p/kWh feed-in tariff if you have solar at your home. Offer available in NSW only. Visit to view terms and conditions.

Do my rates change when I install solar?

If your current tariff is a solar compatible tariff you won't need to change tariffs, however if your existing tariff is not solar compatible, you will be able to choose from any open solar compatible tariff available from your local distributor. We will provide you the rates for any open tariff so you can choose the one that suites you best. Contact us before you decide to install solar so we can provide some advice.