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Upparel Sustainability

Australasia’s leaders in textile recovery and recycling.

Textile waste needs radical intervention now! At UPPAREL we’re stepping up to lead the change and demonstrating sustainability equals success. Waste isn’t waste – it’s a resource! Integrating waste back into our supply chain helps to close the loop and keep materials moving. Circular fashion is the way of the future. Shifting the mindset is the first step to ensuring that we are all held accountable. We now have the ability to harness what would have once been deemed waste, as a valuable resource. At UPPAREL, we keep everything circular from the beginning. We find solutions for reuse before recycling and utilise as much textile waste as possible. We operate on a no landfill, nothing offshore system, ensuring that our processes are sustainable, traceable, and kept close to home. Offering options for businesses and consumers, our innovative and convenient on-shore solutions create valuable and completely circular materials. Together, we can stand up for the next generation and make the textile industry a leader in sustainability. Together, we can make a difference.

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