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Changing our future through the power of clothing.

For more than 20 years, UNIQLO has been on a path to sustainability. As a global company creating responsible clothing, we are committed to a healthy planet, society, and people. The earth and humanity are facing serious problems. We believe that the time is now to take swift and decisive action to solve these issues — before it’s too late. Together, our small steps will lead to big changes.

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Uniqlo Sustainability Actions


UNIQLO’s LifeWear concept offers simple, exceptional, and affordable clothes filled with attention to detail and tailored to each person’s lifestyle. To ensure that everyone’s lives around the world are enriched by our clothes, we are committed to all aspects of our products - from the function and quality to the type of materials and how they are made. While caring for the environment and the people who make our products, we strive to make our customer’s lives better through clothing, today and tomorrow.

Clothing made from plastic bottles

Recycled polyester made from plastic bottles are used as a part of material of Dry-EX Polo Shirt.We also use recycled polyester in sportswear designed for our UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassadors.

100% sustainably sourced down and feathers

UNIQLO only uses sustainably sourced down and feathers from farms that seek to minimize their impact on wildfowl. All of our partner garment factories involved in the production of our down products are RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified as of the end of 2019 and we will continue to support the RDS going forward.

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