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Ultimates Indulge Sustainability Actions


Ocean Friendly Fishing Methods

Ultimates Indulge proudly uses ocean friendly fishing methods when sourcing fish for our pet food (FAD Free Tuna) this helps save sea life & protect the ocean for future generations. - Reducing by-catch of non-targeted fish and marine life species, such as turtles and rays and 110 other species. - Reducing over fishing


Water saving & waste reduction facilities at pet food factory

Ultimates Indulge has implemented water saving technology at the factory to save water and do our part for the environment. By utilising agricultural waste products such as organ meats from human food, we reduce agricultural waste while providing nutritious meats to dogs and cats.


Reduction of chemicals in production and manufacturing

We use completely natural meats and food grade vitamins and minerals in the production of our pet foods and do not use any chemicals or preservatives in our wet or dry foods. In this way we reduce the chances that chemicals are not leaking into the environment in manufacture or consumption of our products.


Recyclable Packaging - Australian Packaging Covenant Signatory

Our canned wet foods use completely recyclable packaging materials, the cans and cartons and labels are all 100% recyclable. We take our Australian Packaging covenant membership seriously and are also moving towards recyclable pouches in the production of our dog and cat foods.


Protein Smoothies for cats produced in solar powered factory and water saving of 90%

When the sun shines on any regular day all our daytime production is solar powered for this range. We have solar panels covering the roof of our factory. We also implemented new technology that reduces water usage in production by 90%.

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