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We believe that we can use business as a force for good - something we've contemplated from the beginning.
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Stone & Wood Sustainability Actions


Beer as a force for good

For us, good means more than just the quality or the taste of the beer; it reflects how we fulfil our role as the local brewer and encapsulates how we work with the environment and give back to the community. As a B-Corp certified business, we’re proud to be part of a global movement of businesses working to create positive impact in the world. We use this score as a benchmark to review and improve the way we run our business.


Green feet program

Since we started, we’ve been committed to treading more lightly on the Earth – after all, this is the only planet with beer! Our Green Feet program captures this commitment to being a sustainable beer brand. While focussing on energy, water and waste, it also encapsulates how we work with raw materials, supply chains, packaging and transport.


Water and energy consumption

Through Green Feet, we’ve reduced our water and energy consumption rates in line with the most efficient 25% of the world’s independent brewers. In other words, the amount of water and energy it takes to make our environmentally friendly beer is significantly lower than the industry average.

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