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Safcol Sustainability Actions


We Partnered with Greenpeace in 2011

We worked with Greenpeace to launch Responsible Fishing into Australian supermarkets with the launch of our Pole and Line caught tuna range. We have subsequently changed the canned tuna market in Australia.


Protecting Marine Species and Tuna Stocks for the future

Safcol realises that the ocean is our business, and if we overfish tuna stocks and in the process destroy other marine life, we are destroying our own source of income. That is why we chnaged the way we fish, and have continued to lead the way in responsible fishing. We work closely with fishing vessels that catch our fish and do not purchase from any illegal fishing vessels.


FAD free fishing helps ptotect marine species

Fish Aggregating Devices also known as Fish Attracting Devices or 'FADs' for short cause destruction to marine life, when coupled with huge purseine nets, hauling up other species like turtles, and rays in the tuna catch. The combination of net fishing and FADs is what destroys our ocean life. Safcol does not use this deadly combination, we believe in fishing responsibly.


Safcol supports local fishermen and the Australian fishing industry

Australia has a very well regulated fishing industry and the Safcol Seafood Market in South Australia, assist local fishermen to sell their stocks. We asist them to get a good price for their catch. By supporting local industry Safcol is growing our economy sustainably.


Safcol Website is CO2 Neutral

We have worked to ensure our website is CO2 Neutral through a partnership with the Danish Government.

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