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We are for every body, made with the best of nature, with nature in mind

Everything that we do is inspired by nature. Our Inspiration: We are inspired by nature in everything that we do, with natural ingredients, extracts and skin & hair loving ingredients in all of our products. Uncompromising Simplicity: We make products for everybody, without complexity or compromise. We’re all for giving you more of what you love, like natural extracts and skin loving ingredients. And less of what you don’t, like Parabens, Phthalates and Alcohol. Body & Mind: With a drop of nature in every bottle we serve as a gentle everyday reminder, whether at the sink or in the shower, to appreciate the simple things.

About Palmolive

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Palmolive Sustainability Actions

Responsibly Made

Our products are made at Colgate-Palmolive facilities that are increasing energy and water efficiency, driving towards zero waste, and adhering to ethical labour practices at every location in the world in which we operate. We’re committed to meeting all applicable environmental rules and regulations – and often exceed these standards – in how we make and market our products and operate our facilities. Strict standards define environmental performance at Palmolive; all our facilities have a fully implemented Environmental Management System covering a wide range of categories, including energy efficiency, climate, water stewardship, and waste management. Through our ‘5% for the Planet’ program, Colgate-Palmolive aims to allocate 5% of every manufacturing facility’s annual capital budget towards projects that reduce energy, water and waste.

Committed to Responsible Sourcing

Palmolive is committed to source materials and services, responsibly, meaning with the goal of not causing harm to or exploiting people or the environment. To support our commitment to Responsible Sourcing we focus on four key pillars: protection of the environment, ethical labour practices, the health & safety of people, and business integrity. Through execution of the Palmolive programs, policies and initiatives shared here; we continue to make steady progress along our responsible sourcing journey. Palmolive is continuously assessing and benchmarking its policies and evaluating our suppliers and the industries in which they operate to ensure our ingredients continue to be responsibly sourced. Fundamental to our commitment are four key policies and initiatives; our third party code of conduct, ensuring the safety of our ingredients, our due diligence practices with third parties and our focus on climate change & water stewardship.

Community Engagement

Keeping our hands clean is a key step in staying healthy, according to the Department of Health “Hand hygiene is crucial in reducing transmission of infections”. Hand washing isn’t just good hygiene to help stop you getting sick, it’s a skill, one that you use every single day. Studies show that routines and habits are unlikely to vary after the age of 9, so it’s never too young to teach kids to be hand washing champions! Over the last decade, Palmolive has supported parents and teachers in K-6 with the Clean Hands Good Health education program. The program provides education kits and online activities to engage young kids and develop good hygiene routines and habits.

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