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Nifti Sustainability Actions


Colgate people, consumers, communities, business partners, shareholders and other stakeholders are vital to Colgate's success and future growth. - Continuously improve employee health and reduce health risks by 15%(1) - Encourage healthier living for Colgate People and their families - Ensure a safe and healthy work environment with a goal of zero lost-time incidents - Provide education and tools to Colgate people to elevate financial awareness and planning - Expand “Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” program to reach 1.3 billion children - Invest in the improvement of health, education and environment for thousands of people in communities around the globe - Partner with animal shelters to help over 2 million dogs and cats find a home. Learn more about Hill's Food, Shelter & Love program. - Reach 60 million people annually with handwashing education - Expand “Colgate Cares Day” globally to be a leader in volunteerism


We're committed to grow the business with innovative, more sustainable products that make the lives of consumers healthier and more enjoyable. - Improve the sustainability profile in our new products and product updates - Commit $250 million to drive sustainability with breakthrough product and process innovation - Increase the recyclability of our packaging and increase recycled content to 50% - Have a positive impact by expanding access to affordable health and wellness products for millions of people in underserved communities - Use the power of our brands to build awareness and drive engagement in product sustainability


A cleaner, healthy environment is important to Colgate not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because it makes good business sense. - Reduce our manufacturing water intensity by half compared to 2002 - Replenish water withdrawn in highly stressed regions - Increase supplier participation in our water stewardship program - Partner with local and global organizations to bring clean water to underserved areas of the world - Promote water conservation awareness to all our global consumers. - Responsibly source forest commodities to reach zero net deforestation. - Promote use of renewable energy and reduce absolutely greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing by 25% compared to 2002 - Reduce our manufacturing energy intensity by one third compared to 2002 - Half our manufacturing waste sent to landfill per ton of product compared to 2010, working toward our goal of “Zero Waste” - Partner with key suppliers, customers and consumers to reduce energy, greenhouse gas emissions and waste

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