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No matter who you buy energy from, the electricity coming through your power lines all comes from the same place (you might know it as the grid) – so the real choice is about where your money goes. With Momentum, you can be happy knowing you’re doing a little good with every power bill. Momentum’s part of Australia’s largest renewable generation company, Hydro Tasmania. And in 2022, they were awarded 4.5 stars out of 5 in the Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide, making them one of Australia’s greenest power companies. Momentum customers can also add up to 100% GreenPower to their plan to offset some (or all) of their usage with renewable energy.

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Part of Australia’s largest renewable generator

Momentum Energy is part of Hydro Tasmania. Every year, Hydro generates enough renewable energy to power the equivalent of 1.5 million Aussie homes.


Top scorers in the Green Electricity Guide

Momentum received 4.5 stars out of 5 in the 2022 Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide, ranking 3rd out of 48 power companies nationwide.


Helping you go greener with GreenPower

You can get GreenPower on any Momentum electricity plan to offset some (or all) of your usage with renewable energy, at a percentage that suits your budget.

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