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Mobile Monster Sustainability

Our sustainability mission is for all Australian's to recycle their old devices and keep them out of landfill

There’s no question by now that e-waste is a big problem for our planet. Throwing your phone in the bin is harmful for the environment not only for the toxins it leaks in landfills, but also for the resources that are lost. Mobile phone recycling benefits the environment in many ways: -Recycling saves energy. Extracting and processing new raw resources requires a lot more energy than recycling them. - You’re saving precious resources. Mobile phones contain valuable minerals such as cobalt, gold, silver, palladium and tin. By trading your phone you benefit the environment by reducing the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing and the pollution of water, soil and air associated with mining. - You prevent toxins leaking in our soil and waterways. By selling your phone instead of throwing it away, the harmful components of your device — such as lead, mercury and arsenic — will be properly disposed of. The benefits of phone trade in - You help reduce the environmental impact by choosing to recycle your device — thus making sure those precious metals and elements are being used to refurbish other phones. - You support a local business that cares about the environment and believes in a circular economy. -By selling your old mobile phones you not only get extra money in your bank account, you do your bit for the planet. That’s why trading in your phone is worth more than money. -At Mobile Monster we are passionate about sustainability and our entire business model is based on the value of recycling unused devices.

Mobile Monster Sustainability Actions

Reuse & Recycle ♻

For every phone we purchase from a customer, we refurbish them and go on to be sold by one of our partner companies to be given another opportunity to be loved again. This keeps devices out of landfill, saves precious resources and reduces your carbon footprint. On the more rare occasions where we receive a phone that is dead, or unable to be repaired, we also have a partnership with Mobile Muster. MobileMuster is the product stewardship program of the telecommunications industry and is accredited by the federal government. It is voluntarily funded by all of the major handset manufacturers and network carriers to provide a free mobile phone recycling program in Australia to the highest environmental standard. The program is committed to raising awareness and educating the community on repair, reuse and recycling. We are proud to partner with Mobile Muster, a key organisation in contributing to the circular economy and life cycle in the mobile phone manufacturing industry. A circular economy is designed to support the repair, reuse and recycling of products so that the materials that have gone into making them retain their value and can continue to be reused. Their role is to actively deliver a robust collection network to recover and recycle unwanted mobiles, stopping them from going in the general waste stream.

Mobile Monster Sustainability Commitments


Partner with Headstart Homes

Mobile Monster has paired with Head Start Homes to help reduce homelessness and electronic waste by sharing 100% of the proceeds from recycling old phones and other devices. Our Phones for Homes initiative with Head Start Homes lets you donate your device and the value of your phone will be donated to Head Start Homes who have been helping single mums, First Nations Peoples, and other families living in community housing buy their own homes. Visit to donate your device/s now.

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