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Matilda Life Sustainability Actions

Our shipping boxes are compostable.

We are using bio-degradable and compostable shipping boxes made in Bayswater Melbourne. Our simple brown kraft boxes are stylish yet eco-friendly remaining true to the brand.

No plastic is used in our packaging

Our stock is shipped to customers in a bio-degradable boxes wrapped in tissue. We are not using any plastic in our packaging.

Leather is a bi-product of the meat industry

Our shoe leather is kangaroo skin, a bi-product of the meat industry which would otherwise end up as landfill.

100% Organic cotton (GOTS ) certified on the majority of our garments

The majority of our cotton is 100% organic (Global Organic Textile Standard). Organic cotton is made without toxic and polluting fertilisers and pesticides. Regular cotton farming uses huge amounts of pesticides and insecticides globally- estimated at 10% of the worlds usage. Our cotton jersey/terry is also knitted in Australia supporting our Australian made proposition and commitment.

Low carbon footprint

Our manufacturing is in Australia therefore a reduced supply chain.

Our swing tag clip seals are made of corn flour.

paper string with paper powder resin clip parts - there is no plastic on our tags

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