Marine Stewardship Council

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Join our mission to end overfishing & ensure we have fish forever by choosing seafood with the MSC blue fish tick label

We're the Marine Stewardship Council - an international non-profit that set standards for sustainable fishing and traceability within the seafood supply chain. When you choose certified sustainable seafood with the MSC blue fish tick label, you are helping to end overfishing - each product purchased supports well-managed, sustainable fisheries working hard to protect the marine environment. Put simply, sustainable seafood has been caught at a level where they’ll be around in the future. Fish swim around and need time to grow and re-produce. Sustainable fishing allows this to happen. Purchasing seafood with the MSC blue fish tick means it can be traced back to an MSC certified sustainable fishery. You’ll find sustainable seafood with the blue fish tick in leading supermarkets such as Coles, Woolworths and ALDI as well as specialist fish shops.