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Go Green

Makita has set itself the goal of contributing to the creation of sustainable society and consolidating a strong position in the industry worldwide as a global supplier of a comprehensive range of tools for creating comfortable homes and living environments, including cordless power tools, battery-operated outdoor power equipment and pneumatic tools. The “Go Green” slogan symbolizes Makita’s commitment to continually providing new value as a comprehensive international supplier of tools. We hope to always remain as a company that maintains a steady eye on society, challenging ourselves to create a “sustainable recycling-oriented society” that harmonizes the environment with the economy.

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Makita Sustainability Actions

Shifting from engine-powered to battery-powered

In the past, the majority of OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) was engine powered. However, while that provides superior power and stamina, the environmental impact of exhaust emissions has been a major issue. In recent years, global warming, which is one of the most serious environmental problems, has drawn particular attention from society. Our company is focusing on cordless OPE that do not emit exhaust gas when used, and contribute to solving environmental problems, particularly global warming. Our company will contribute to the realization of a decarbonized society in the future by utilizing our battery and motor technologies cultivated through the manufacture of power tools, and accelerating shifting from engine-powered to battery-powered products by proactively developing and expanding sales of cordless products whose usability is comparable to that of engine-powered products.

Promoting the Elimination of Plastic

Due to concern over global environmental pollution from plastic waste entering oceans, the EU passed a law in June 2019 prohibiting the use of certain single-use plastic products. In Japan as well, social initiatives are making progress to reduce single-use plastic, including the July 2020 regulation to charge for plastic shopping bags. In order to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to preserving biodiversity, Makita is also striving to reduce single-use plastic used in our product packaging. In addition to efforts to simplify our standard packaging, we have, since FYE 2021, tried to reduce plastic bags and the like used in product packaging, and have been proceeding to replace them with paper and other environmentally friendly materials. In March, 2021 (the last month of the first fiscal year of this new initiative), we achieved the equivalent of a nearly 40-ton yearly reduction in plastic usage. Going forward, we will continue efforts to eliminate the use of plastic.

Replacement of fluorescent lighting with LED fluorescent tubes

We are replacing lights with LED fluorescent tubes in areas where large energy saving effect can be achieved. In FYE 2021, the annual power consumption of the Head Office and Okazaki Plant was cut by 47,700 kWh by replacing lights with LED fluorescent tubes.

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