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We assume responsibility for people and nature in the entire supply chain.

Vision and responsibility for nature worth living in, and a human society, combined with long-term economic success have defined our company for generations. We are convinced that high product and service quality as well as environmental protection and observing social and ethical principles and economic success should not be a conflict today and for future generations. They are important components in securing the independence and long-term existence of the company. To us, sustainability means a holistic balance between the company's core issues quality, economic success and social, ethical and ecological responsibility. Sustainability in this sense is entitlement at the same time as the driving and defining force behind the healthy growth of our company. Our basic attitude in terms of sustainability is deeply embedded in the core of our company, i.e. in our mission, vision and core values. This is the only way sustainability can be integrated consistently in the company and the direction of our policy and the entire processes can be guaranteed.

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Loacker Sustainability Actions


Our hazelnuts

Our hazelnuts: irresistible and 100% Italian. Freshly roasted by Loacker. Own hazelnut plantation in Tuscany, contract cultivation with local farmers


Our chocolate

Our chocolate: where excellence begins. Project to promote the independent cocoa cultivation of women in the Ivory Coast


Our Bourbon vanilla

Our Bourbon vanilla: the quintessential spirit of Madagascar. Collaboration with local farmers in Madagascar

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