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The future has begun

Eco-friendly vehicles (or green cars) will play a pivotal role in future mobility, and the shift from petroleum to electricity powered vehicles has already become the norm. In fact, the green car market is doubling in size each year, while the overall automobile market is only growing at a mere two percent annually. At the same time, environmental stewardship is taking center stage across the board, and Kia Motors already has achieved its goal of ranking in second place (based on combined market share with Hyundai Motor Company) in the global green car market in 2017 three years ahead the scheduled goal of 2020.

About Kia

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Kia Sustainability Actions


Green Design Procedures

Kia Motors has established a digital system for convenient application of its eco-friendly design policy at worksites. A designer selects materials after checking the environmental impact of the materials through a database, which is operated under Kia Motors’ eco-friendly design guidelines. Then the designer simplifies the component structure and improves materials to streamline the manufacturing process and devises the assembly mode to ensure easy dismantling. A completed design is processed using virtual 3D modeling to assess the dismantling convenience and recyclability of dismantled parts. According to the results, the drawings are modified or parts with low recyclability are replaced. Once the drawings are finalized, a test vehicle is manufactured and dismantled. This is followed by a dismantling assessment to compare the time required for dismantling and the number of connected parts with existing data. The comparison data is used as reference in the development of follow-up vehicle models.


Kia's environment-friendly brand

Coupled with "Dynamics" (Kia's brand equity), "Eco", signifying "Ecology" & "Economy", makes up the term "ECO dynamics" ("Automobile of Sustainable Mobility"), which symbolizes the Company's commitment to making sizeable contribution to the mankind and global environment.

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