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Contributing to society through food

Carrying on founder Toichiro Nakashima’s spirit of “contributing to society through healthier dietary lifestyles,” we are working to help solve social issues. Our goal is to use discussion and partnership with our various stakeholders to help create a sustainable society and achieve sustainable growth for the Group.

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Kewpie Sustainability Actions

Environmental Initiatives

The business activities of the Kewpie Group are viable in virtue of the ample bounties of nature, which include raw materials. We pay due consideration to the impact on the environment that our business activities have. We believe it is our mission to preserve the environment as it has existed until now for a long time to come, and pass this on to the next generation. At the Kewpie Group, we have identified “Efficient Use of Resources and Sustainable Procurement,” and “Reduction of CO2 Emissions (Response to Climate Change)” as environmental material issues for sustainability, and we have been addressing these issues across the whole Group. Including the above, for crucial environmental issues, we will report all of our environmental activities based on the five areas of “Effective Use of Resources,” “Initiatives on Global Warming,” “Conservation of Biodiversity,” “Sustainable Use of Water,” and “Environmentally Friendly Products.”

Policy for Environmental Management

The Kewpie Group, in response to the increasing importance of environmental conservation worldwide, established the “Fundamental Environmental Policy” in December 1998 to implement environmental-friendly initiatives throughout our business operations. Furthermore, the policy, which is comprised of “Environmental Philosophy” and “Action Principles”, has been revised twice and acknowledged as our global initiative of the Kewpie Group.

Effective Use of Resources

The effective and waste-free utilization of limited food resources is a key responsibility of a food manufacturer. Therefore, it is essential to improve supply chains in order to balance sustainable food production with well-being of many. The Kewpie Group works toward the “Effective Use of Resources” to achieve waste reduction and the effective utilization of food waste. With an initiative for the “Efficient Use of Resources and Sustainable Procurement”, we strive to implement the effective utilization of unused part of vegetables and the reduction in product waste. In addition, our Risk Management Committee has been planning initiatives for plastic waste reduction since FY2019.

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Kewpie Sustainability Commitments


Efficient Use of Resources and Sustainable Procurement

Regarding the unused parts of the main vegetables used by the Group, we will aim for over 30% effective utilization by 2021, and over 90% by 2030. We will reduce the amount of product waste by at least 25% by 2021, and by at least 50% by 2030 (compared to 2015)


Reduction of CO2 Emissions (Response to Climate Change)

We will reduce the annual CO2 emissions for the Group by at least 7.5% by 2021, and by at least 20% by 2030 (compared to 2013)

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