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Hungry Jack’s success is not rocket science. It comes down to serving good food, employing great people and serving strong communities. And doing it all with real integrity.

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Hungry Jack’s Sustainability Actions


We are committed to providing our guests with high quality and great-tasting food. Our unwavering commitment to food safety and food quality requires that our Suppliers share in that commitment. At a minimum, Suppliers must meet product quality and food safety standards mandated by applicable laws and regulations, must comply with HJ’s product quality and food safety requirements, and must meet or exceed industry standards for product quality and food safety


At HJ, we embrace our responsibility to the environment, we are committed to doing our part with respect to energy, water and waste, and we expect our Suppliers to do the same. All Suppliers are required to comply with applicable local and national laws and regulations in relation to the protection of the environment. Suppliers are also encouraged to establish procedures to manage, measure and, where possible, reduce factors related to their environmental impact, including energy usage, fossil fuel usage, water usage, wastewater and solid waste (including byproducts and hazardous waste), air emissions (including greenhouse gases) and handling of hazardous substances, and to provide reports on such procedures to HJ as HJ may request.


We believe in responsible sourcing at all levels of our supply chain. Our commitment to responsible sourcing is demonstrated, in part, through our participation to improving animal welfare and working toward the elimination of deforestation. We expect Suppliers to assist us in meeting our commitment to responsible sourcing. Upon request, Suppliers are required to provide clear, timely and accurate reporting to HJ regarding the origins and facilities within their supply chain. Suppliers are encouraged and, in some instances, expected to demonstrate their own commitment to responsible sourcing by participating in initiatives and roundtables.

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