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Heinz Sustainability

To improve the quality of a food product on the shelf, you must first improve the quality of the produce in the ground.

OUR TASTY TOMATOES Henry J. Heinz, a true pioneer in the food world, started breeding tomato varieties in 1934. Since then our proprietary blend of HEINZ tomato seeds has improved year after year, growing a redder, thicker tomato than you will find in grocery stores. Now, the HEINZ tomato is world-renowned for its unequalled texture, giving HEINZ Ketchup the thick, rich flavor you know and love. GROWN BY TOMATO SPECIALISTS Every tomato in every bottle of HEINZ Ketchup sold in the U.S. is grown in America by passionate people dedicated to growing high-quality, non-GMO tomatoes, many who have farmed with us for generations. Each step in the tomato-growing process is monitored by HEINZ Tomato Masters: seven of the world’s foremost experts on ketchup tomatoes, who keep HEINZ tomatoes at the highest standard of quality – because the ketchup on your table is only as good as the tomato it comes from.

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Heinz Sustainability Actions



HEINZ seed varieties allow us to grow more tomatoes per acre and lets them ripen on the vine without rotting. This means we use less resources and create less waste.



In addition to reducing waste, every bit of tomato that doesn’t go into our ketchup is salvaged and reutilized as feed, compost or fertilizer to grow more crops.



Using our tomato expertise, we’ve created agricultural development projects that teach tomato conservation and conservation farming to farms around the world, including Brazil, China, Egypt, and Spain.

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