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Gourmet Delight Sustainability

Our mission is to provide gourmet, natural, grain free planet friendly pet food.

Gourmet Delight pet food is committed to sustainability and protecting our oceans, sea life & planet for future generations. Our aim is to deliver gourmet, natural meat, grain free planet friendly pet food. Cats are carnivores, so they require animal meat in their diets. We reduce agricultural waste of human agricultural activities by utilising the highly nutritious organ meats that are not consumed by humans. Sustainable proteins, we use Responsibly Fished tuna). Our fish that we utilise in our pet foods are made from off-cuts of our human food, which is caught by responsible fishing methods. The fishing methods we utilise minimise the impact on all ocean species ensuring that the biomass of each species is protected for future generations. We provide the best nutrition for pets by using organ meats from grass - fed beef & lamb in our formulas. Our Pet food cans and labels and cartons are all 100% recyclable. In future we will be changing our pouches to recyclable pouches, as we are signitories to the Australian Packaging Covenant. Our Pet food is chemical & pesticide free, to minimise environmental impact in both manufacture and consumption. Our factory in Thailand uses recycled water in production.

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Gourmet Delight Sustainability Actions


Ocean Friendly Fishing Methods

Gourmet Delight proudly uses ocean friendly fishing methods when sourcing fish for our pet food (FAD Free Tuna) this helps save sea life & protect the ocean for future generations. - Reducing by-catch of non-targeted fish and marine life species, such as turtles and rays and 110 other species. - Reducing over fishing

Water saving & waste reduction facilities at pet food factory

Gourmet Delight has implemented water saving technology at the factory to save water and do our part for the environment. By utilising agricultural waste products such as organ meats from human food, we reduce agricultural waste while providing nutritious meats to dogs and cats.


Reduction of chemicals in production and manufacturing

We use completely natural meats and food grade vitamins and minerals in the production of our pet foods and do not use any chemicals or preservatives in our wet or dry foods. In this way we reduce the chances that chemicals are not leaking into the environment in manufacture or consumption of our products.

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Gourmet Delight Sustainability Commitments


2025 Recyclable Packaging

100% recyclable packaging on all of our products


2025 Sustainable Protein Range

Increasing sustainable protein sources within new product development for the future.

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