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Energy Australia Sustainability Actions

Carbon Neutral

100% carbon-neutral energy in your home at no extra cost.

Energy Charter

We are proud to be a founding signatory of the Energy Charter: a world-first initiative bringing together Australian energy companies to improve customer service, affordability, reliability and sustainability. Together, deliver energy for a better Australia The five principles of the Energy Charter are: - We will put customers at the centre of our business and the energy system. - We will improve energy affordability for customers. - We will provide energy safely, sustainably and reliably. - We will improve the customer experience. - We will support customers facing vulnerable circumstances.

Lower Emissions Future

EnergyAustralia is committed to transitioning Australia’s energy sector to a lower emissions future, without compromising the delivery of reliable and affordable energy to customers. Currently, we own two of Australia’s largest coal-fired power stations – Mt Piper and Yallourn – which provide our customers with reliable, affordable electricity. But we know that owning big power stations also comes with the responsibility of promoting and leading the development of cleaner forms of energy. That’s why we’re working to reduce our emissions, investing in renewable energy and helping our customers take control of their energy consumption.

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Energy Australia Sustainability Commitments


Carbon neutral by 2050

By investing in the next generation of technology that will meet customers' energy needs, and offsets for remaining emissions, our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Energy Australia Sustainability News

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