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Feel Good… Live… greener, cleaner and cheaper

Positively supplying more renewable electricity than our customers consume. Renewable power is now a cheaper source of power for Australia’s future electricity needs than coal.

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Diamond Energy Sustainability Actions


Delivering renewable energy

We have been delivering renewable energy for over 10 years and we are just beginning. We are proud of our expanding renewable generation portfolio which includes energy from biogas, wind, wave and solar. New renewable generators are continuing to join our portfolio across many regions of Australia. We look forward to continuing to ‘do our bit’ to transition the Australian energy market by adding many more clean and efficient renewable generators to our expanding portfolio.


Source more than consume

Diamond Energy delivers more electricity sourced from Australian renewable energy generators to the grid than our customers consume. Renewable energy supplied 21% of Australia’s electricity during 2018. Since our inception, we have supplied more accredited renewable energy to the grid for each MWh of retail customer consumption.


Beyond carbon neutral

From our first customer, we have offset most of their everyday carbon emissions. As we continue to support more renewable energy in Australia, we will strive to have a positive impact on our environment… beyond carbon neutral.

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Diamond Energy Sustainability Commitments


Net Zero Emissions

Diamond Energy also participates in programs aimed at advancing the role of business in addressing climate change. Some examples include fully endorsing ‘Caring for Climate’ (an initiative led by the UN Global Compact and UN Environment) and taking Victoria’s climate change pledge through the ‘TAKE-2’ initiative that helps the state achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

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