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Committed Solar Solutions Sustainability

Empowering Australian businesses to reduce their carbon footprint

Our mission is to help 2000 Australian businesses reduce their carbon footprint by at least half by 2025. Powering your business with solar is more than a means with which to reduce your overall running costs. Most importantly, solar reduces your business carbon footprint. In the current world we live in, being a sustainable business has never been more important. Our goals are not only to reduce carbon emissions but to help educate our clients (and their clients) on how to do their part in caring for the planet.

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Committed Solar Solutions Sustainability Actions


Recycling 97% of all materials

We're very proud of the fact that we now recycle 97% of all materials that enter our business. Although this begins in the office, the large majority of our recycling materials occur in the warehouse and on site through packaging protecting our Solar panels and inverters.


Using Tier 1 Solar Panels with longer lifespans

The best way to avoid replacing your Solar system is to invest in equipment that lasts longer. We only install Tier 1 panels that come with a 25 year performance warranty. And we'll happily return in 25 years to help you recycle your system in the most responsible ways.

Committed Solar Solutions Sustainability Commitments


To help 2000 Australian businesses reduce their carbon footprint by half

As a renewables company, it's in our DNA to ensure that we are helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint. Our primary vehicle to do this is through Solar power. But we can also guide our clients in many other aspects of sustainability including recycling, energy usage and partnering with more sustainable companies.


To be 100% Carbon Neutral

Our business is of course powered by the sun. Our own solar system produces much more energy than we use and this is fed back in to the grid. But there is plenty more that we can do to reach our goal of becoming a genuine carbon neutral company. Watch this space to see our upcoming initiatives.