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With you, for you - Essential waste and resource recovery services

You need a total waste management provider who understands your business needs and industry, who adheres to the highest regulatory and environmental standards, backed by the coverage and experience to confidently and securely collect, process, treat, recycle and dispose of your waste. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We strive to make a sustainable future possible for everyone, from our customers and employees to our shareholders and the community. Our entire operations are focused on delivering sustainability in these five key areas, with an eye on the triple bottom line of sustainability – the environment, society and the economy.

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Cleanaway Sustainability Actions

Reducing carbon footprint

As Australia’s leading waste management and recycling company, we continue to take action on climate change by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, by the responsible management of our landfill gas, and by assisting our customers’ and the community in managing their waste impacts. Emissions generated through our landfills presents the most significant source of greenhouse gas from our operations – they contribute approximately 70 per cent of our total scope 1 emissions. Our focus on recycling, getting more value out of each tonne of waste, as well as our continued investment in landfill gas projects such as renewable energy generation, has reduced our total emissions year on year.


Our Operating Model

Our Operating Model gives clarity on how we organise ourselves, providing agility whilst keeping everyone accountable for their deliverables. Think of it like a game plan for a sports team – allowing everyone to play to their strengths, but giving us clarity about roles, responsibilities and handover points.


Our Leadership Model

Our Leadership Model outlines what we expect of leaders at Cleanaway – and how we’re creating a values-based, high performance culture. Across our three Cs, Commitment, Capability and Compatibility, we’ve updated the ‘Great 9’ competencies we expect of all our leaders, both current and up and coming.

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Responsible Product Disposal

Cleanaway Sustainability News

Cleanaway CEO Vik Bansal welcomes Government funding to make closed loop recycling possible for glass and plastic food packaging in Victoria

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Study shows we think we’re wheelie good recyclers, but most of us are rubbish

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Pact and Cleanaway celebrate award of Recycling Modernisation Funding for proposed Western Australian plastic recycling plant

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