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We're For Bees

As Australia’s favourite honey brand we have been producing honey for over 65 years. It goes without saying that we love our honey bees. We passionately believe it’s our responsibility to respect the health of our planet by protecting these wonderful tiny workers that do so much for us. Because it’s not us that makes honey, it’s our bees.

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Capilano Sustainability Actions


Bee Research

Did you know bees are responsible for pollinating up to 70% of the worlds horticultural and agricultural crops? To ensure a sustainable future for Australian honey supply, a healthy bee population and functioning ecosystem, we believe we can play a vital role in supporting the next generation of beekeepers and bee scientists. This is why Capilano drive a range of projects in the beekeeping community and Australian Universities that are designed to promote the long term protection and sustainability of Australia’s honey bee colonies. Most recently, we have launched a new initiative, Capilano’s Keeping Futures Program, that supports budding beekeepers, emerging bee scientists and even fosters the education of school children.

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