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Unfudge Our Future

It's been tough guiding Australia through the pandemic, and you have continued to listen to the advice from scientists to help keep Australians safe. Now, we need you to keep listening to the scientific community. And what they are telling us is very clear - to create a safe future for Australia we need to tackle climate change and make fossil fuels history. So, we need you to invest in a clean, resilient and fairer Australia: Clean: Investment in a fair and just transition to 100% renewable energy. A faster transition to renewable energy will create a jobs boom and most importantly, renewable energy reduces Australia’s emissions. Resilient: Australians are already experiencing the dangers of climate change on our lives and livelihoods, through more intense and frequent drought, floods and fires. The wellbeing of our people and the health of our planet will benefit from shifting tax cuts and subsidies from fossil fuel industries into policies that create a resilient Australia. Fair: The economic reboot must create a fairer Australia. Listen to and invest in communities most impacted by climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic to support their recovery and build a thriving future. We have the solutions for a thriving economy and environment – now it’s in your hands. The path you set us on today will have long term implications for our future. Australia (and the planet) are relying on you to make fossil fuels history. For the sake of us all, please unfudge our future.

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Ben & Jerry’s Sustainability Actions

Fossil Fuels

Ben & Jerry’s has aggressive science-based greenhouse gas emission targets, including a commitment to 100% clean energy by 2025. At our manufacturing sites we’ve invested in a solar array that generates about 20% of the electricity we use at our Waterbury, VT factory and have a bio-digester at our Hellendoorn factory that turns waste from the manufacturing process into clean energy. In addition, our hometown of Burlington, VT was the first city in the country to achieve 100% of its electricity from clean energy sources.

Carbon Footprint

At Ben & Jerry’s, we understand that as a for-profit ice cream company, we’re part of the problem, which is why we’ve committed ourselves to be a catalyst for solutions, both within our business and at the economy wide policy level. We’ve committed to reduce the full lifecycle emissions of our company, which includes our own emissions and our supply chain. We are really proud of everything we have been doing, and while there is still a long way to go we are committed to continuing to invest and find ways to reduce our supply chain.

The Climate Council

Presenting the facts on climate change is something Ben & Jerry’s is committed to doing. We have a dedicated social mission manager who invests lots of time to making sure we are up to date with the latest news and scientific updates on all things climate change. In particular, we work closely with our partners and allies The Climate CouncilOpens a new window who share information, fact check, and keep us in the loop on all things climate change and science. The Climate Council are made up of an independent scientific body so the information we share with you is scientifically accurate and up to date.

Ben & Jerry’s Sustainability Commitments


Clean Energy

100% clean energy by 2025

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