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Bega is committed to improving its sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the business. Bega focuses on two core areas; Farm Sustainability and Factory Sustainability.

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Bega Sustainability Actions


Performance Indicators

Bega seeks to improve performance and sustainability of the Bega Group by applying environmental, social and economic consideration in its decision making and balancing these with the needs of shareholders and community. A comprehensive set of sustainability indicators has been developed to review and assess the sustainability of operations across the group. A sustainability report will use these indicators to share our targets and progress with investors, customers, suppliers, shareholders and the community.

Monitoring Results

Bega collects samples from air, water, wastewater and land monitoring programs, then analyses them to assess environmental performance. This is an important part of our environment management program and drives continuous improvement and innovation in our sustainability projects.

Air Emissions

Air emissions originate from powder drying, steam generation, electricity consumption and vehicle use. Air emissions include exhaust gases from powder driers and boilers as well as odour. Emissions are monitored and reported as required by the Environment Protection Authority licences. In the Bega facility steam is generated from a boiler using wood waste fuel. Wood waste provides a lower environmental and carbon footprint for cheese production than petroleum gas which is burnt in the back up boiler.

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