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Ball & Doggett Sustainability Commitments


Our commitment to the environment includes recognised accreditations:

* Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification. * Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC) certification. * Business Specific Environmental Management System accreditation that runs inline with ISO 14001. We are committed to continually improve our systems around environmental performance with everything from water, energy, emissions and waste. * Membership of the Australian Packaging Covenant (a sustainable initiative that aims to encourage business to design more sustainable packaging, increase recycling rates and reduce packaging litter). The paper industry has been under the environmental spotlight for so long that it’s now actually one of the leading industries for environmental stewardship.


Recycling & Waste Minimisation Commitment

The Ball & Doggett Group has implemented responsible recycling and waste minimisation standards and procedures that fulfil, and where possible, exceed the expectations of Australian, New Zealand and international recycling and waste minimisation benchmarks, and our philosophy of environmental awareness and preservation is reflected throughout our business. The Ball & Doggett Group is committed to conducting business in a manner that manages the recycling of products and waste minimisation responsibly. We fulfil this responsibility by: • Committing managerial resources to implement the Recycling and Waste Minimisation Policy by introducing effective systems that are continually monitored and improved upon. • Understanding our current recycling & waste procedures and making improvements where necessary. • Seeking and implementing better ways to minimise the use of non-renewable resources, such as energy, in all operations. • Seeking to reuse and recycle raw materials and waste wherever possible. • Working with recycling companies on recycling initiatives and systems. • Internally auditing our regional facilities against our recycling & minimisation standards and procedures. • Promoting recycling & minimisation responsibility among our employees and clients through on-going education, communication and support. • Monitoring, reviewing and reporting progress against agreed objectives and pursuing continual improvement in our recycling of waste and implementing changes and better procedures as required. • Clearly communicating the Ball & Doggett Groups Recycling and Waste Minimisation Policy and practices to all staff, ensuring that they carry out their duties in line with the above standard and are aware of their obligations. • Making clearly labelled recycling bins easily accessible to internal staff and by making sure all team members know where to find them and what to recycle.


Ball & Doggett Statement

The Ball & Doggett Group, comprising of Ball & Doggett Australia, BJ Ball New Zealand, and Aarque Group New Zealand, is committed to managing our business in an environmentally responsible manner; to care for the environment in which we live and work; and to sustain its quality for the benefit of future generations. We aim to minimise our impact on the environment, to continuously improve performance, and to promote the protection and enhancement of natural resources and ecosystems.


Ball & Doggett Objectives

The Ball & Doggett Group aims to: • Maintain full compliance with environmental regulations. • Promote sustainable forestry and the use of sustainable fibre inputs for the manufacturing of our paper and packaging products. • Promote paper recycling. • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our business operations. • Reduce waste to landfill from our business operations. • Ensure employees and contractors have training and resources to fulfil their environmental responsibilities. • Regularly review and report our environmental performance. • Continuously improve our Environmental Management systems.

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