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We are focussing our efforts on energy, water and waste due to their relevance to the customers we bank and the markets in which we operate. We are supporting household, business and financial practices that improve environmental sustainability.

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ANZ Sustainability Actions

Climate change

We support the Paris Agreement’s goal of transitioning to net zero emissions by 2050 and are committed to playing our part.

Environmental footprint

We measure and report our environmental impact across the markets in which we operate. Our targets are focused on reducing the environmental impact of our operations through innovation and efficiency.

ANZ Sustainability Commitments


Funds for sustainable solutions

Fund and facilitate at least $50 billion by 2025 towards sustainable solutions for our customers, including initiatives that help improve environmental sustainability, support disaster resilience, increase access to affordable housing and promote financial wellbeing.


Low carbon transition plans

Encourage and support 100 of our largest emitting customers in the energy, transport, buildings and food, beverage and agricultural sectors to establish, and where appropriate, strengthen existing low carbon transition plans, by 2021.


Climate risk management framework

Develop an enhanced climate risk management framework that strengthens our governance and is responsive to climate change, by end 2022.

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