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Live life to the fullest!

Home is where life flourishes. It’s the place where our family and friends can come together, where we grow and develop lasting memories and where we try to live consciously. But as more life comes home so does the dust, dirt and spills….Messes are unavoidable and cleaning them up shouldn't get in the way of us living our lives. That’s why we are rolling up our sleeves to help you live a pleasant life at home, by offering effective solutions for everyone, everywhere. Ajax is for everyone who wants a nurturing home full of life

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Ajax Sustainability Actions



Colgate people, consumers, communities, business partners, shareholders and other stakeholders are vital to Colgate's success and future growth. - Continuously improve employee health and reduce health risks by 15%(1) - Encourage healthier living for Colgate People and their families - Ensure a safe and healthy work environment with a goal of zero lost-time incidents - Provide education and tools to Colgate people to elevate financial awareness and planning - Expand “Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures” program to reach 1.3 billion children - Invest in the improvement of health, education and environment for thousands of people in communities around the globe - Partner with animal shelters to help over 2 million dogs and cats find a home. Learn more about Hill's Food, Shelter & Love program. - Reach 60 million people annually with handwashing education - Expand “Colgate Cares Day” globally to be a leader in volunteerism



We're committed to grow the business with innovative, more sustainable products that make the lives of consumers healthier and more enjoyable. - Improve the sustainability profile in our new products and product updates - Commit $250 million to drive sustainability with breakthrough product and process innovation - Increase the recyclability of our packaging and increase recycled content to 50% - Have a positive impact by expanding access to affordable health and wellness products for millions of people in underserved communities - Use the power of our brands to build awareness and drive engagement in product sustainability



A cleaner, healthy environment is important to Colgate not only because it's the right thing to do, but also because it makes good business sense. - Reduce our manufacturing water intensity by half compared to 2002 - Replenish water withdrawn in highly stressed regions - Increase supplier participation in our water stewardship program - Partner with local and global organizations to bring clean water to underserved areas of the world - Promote water conservation awareness to all our global consumers. - Responsibly source forest commodities to reach zero net deforestation. - Promote use of renewable energy and reduce absolutely greenhouse gas emissions from manufacturing by 25% compared to 2002 - Reduce our manufacturing energy intensity by one third compared to 2002 - Half our manufacturing waste sent to landfill per ton of product compared to 2010, working toward our goal of “Zero Waste” - Partner with key suppliers, customers and consumers to reduce energy, greenhouse gas emissions and waste

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