Is it possible to recycle everything?

by Sustainable Choice 05/04/2021


TerraCycle: the company tacking hard-to-recycle waste

Here’s an interesting concept to get the brain ticking: Waste is something that does not exist in nature, but is created by mankind.

We’re talking about the type of wastage that is now classed as non-recyclable, and cannot be decomposed or naturally recycled by environmental means.

Now that our lifestyles and society norms see us producing an unspeakable amount of waste, we should truly try to find ways to reduce it. All of it. That’s where new social enterprises have stepped in.

While some of us have felt optionless, there are innovative waste management brains out there thinking of new solutions. But just like any good team, they need us to come to the party and use their waste solution options.   

It’s time to recycle everything – thanks to TerraCycle

TerraCycle is a recycling company like no other. It’s on a mission to recycle, upcycle, and transform our waste. This company doesn’t just talk the talk – even its offices are constructed with upcycled waste.

TerraCycle believe that all our typically non-recyclable items can in fact be recycled. So they work to divert masses of waste from landfill and have established a global network to recycle and repurpose these items.

Mobilising communities to deal with waste

Garbage box for recycling waste

TerraCycle calls it a ‘circular solution to all the waste management issues’ – they reuse or recycle every piece waste collected through community and commercial programs. Check these out:

Accessible recycling: Zero Waste Box™

Brand collaboration: free recycling programs:

Helping the community: municipal waste programs

Safety first: regulated waste recycling

TerraCycle – what’s not to love about them?

There are so many great reasons to love this social enterprise, thanks to their achievements so far. The company:

Over to you

If you like the idea of tackling your hard-to-recycle and typically un-recyclable items, jump onboard. Become a Zero Waste Box user and collector for your community group, school or office. When it comes to aiming for something, we can all agree – zero waste is a target worth working towards. 

by Sustainable Choice