Big change starts with small choices.

Learn more about Sustainable Choice and how our independent platform is designed to help you stay informed, shop better, and support more sustainable brands.

About Sustainable Choice

Sustainable Choice is a 100% independent and impartial platform here to ensure that Aussie consumers can make informed choices in their everyday lives.

Our aim is to create demand for sustainable change amongst mass-market brands by empowering our community to stay informed and shop consciously. Our brand profile pages give businesses a platform to communicate their environmental sustainability actions in a way that is easy to find, easy to understand and available all in one place.

We understand that not all businesses are at the same point in their sustainability journey, which is why we allow each of our members to showcase their most sustainable products and services. That way, customers can clearly and quickly identify the most planet-friendly products from the brands they know and love.

Understanding our brand profiles.

Verified Brands

Verified members can be identified by the green symbol shown above. When a brand carries this symbol, it means that they have supplied their own content, it has been verified internally by their organisation and they have entered into an agreement with us to maintain accurate, transparent and up to date information at all times.  We encourage all listed brands to get in touch and take full control of their page.

Unverified Brands

Unverified listings contain information that has been sourced by Sustainable Choice directly from third party websites and the brand has not yet entered into an agreement with Sustainable Choice. This information is accurate at the date listed on each profile page and we’ve also included a link to where this information was sourced.  If you represent a brand or business and would like to claim your page, click here.

How does Sustainable Choice decide who can list on the site?

We accept brand members who have made a public commitment to environmental sustainability. Our members sign a declaration of transparency when they join and agree to provide documentation to substantiate the claims they make on their sustainability profile. We have the right to inspect the records of our members relating to the information they publish on our site to ensure the claims they make are factual.

What if the brand I am looking for isn’t here?

Get in touch here! We want to know which brands our community is interested in hearing from. Let us know and we’ll contact the brand on your behalf! The more demand for transparent information and sustainable action, the better! Write to us here.

‘Our mission is to impact radical sustainable change in mass market consumption.’

Kiarne Treacy

Founder & CEO

We established after looking at the brands and business we buy from and realising something: we really didn’t know enough.

We realised that we didn’t know which brands to choose when shopping for groceries, for clothes and even.. for travel.  We didn’t know how to support brands that utilise planet-friendly packaging and processes, or those making tangible contributions to environmental sustainability.

There simply wasn’t a place that held all the information we needed to find out which brands were doing better for people and planet, so we built one.

Our promise to you

01 Independent

We are 100% privately and independently owned. Any information that is published by Sustainable Choice is replicated accurately from brand websites. We do not publish our own opinions or recommendations on our members products or services unless clearly communicated by us.

02 Impartial

We allow all brands equal access to our memberships and/or our advertising opportunities provided that they offer accurate and up to date information. Whilst we welcome all businesses no matter what stage of their sustainability journey, we reserve the right to refuse access to brands who do not align with our beliefs and values.

03 Transparent

We’re a small start-up with big dreams and we commit to being honest and transparent with our community along the way. From time to time our business model or products/services may change and we’ll be open and honest about how we operate and why.

How we're funded.

At Sustainable Choice we’re committed to absolute transparency so you can trust that with us, what you see is what you get!

Sustainable Choice is privately owned. We are funded by our paid members, the verified brands you see listed here on the site. We do not charge consumers to access any of the information on this site. In 2021 the membership fee to join Sustainable Choice is charged as a flat annual fee that varies depending on the membership package each brand has signed up to. Over time that could change and if it does, we’ll update you here so you can check back later.

Our verified members are listed first. Unless we clearly show a sponsored search result or paid advertisement, the results you see are unbiased and based on your search preferences.

We offer our verified members equal access to publishing articles and posts on our digital and social media platforms. In the instance that Sustainable Choice publishes content that is advertorial or is written by/on behalf of our members, we’ll make sure it’s clearly marked as sponsored content.